“I have had a lot of ups and downs this past season, that mainly revolved around emotions that I felt I could control, but didn’t know how to.  I was excited to learn things that I didn’t even know could affect me, so I could improve as a competitor. My whole mindset has changed thanks to Barbara Ann.” - Athlete
“My son met with Barbara Ann at the bottom of each run at J3 States. He had had an okay year, making it to States in the last race of the season. (She) gave him things to think about…He ended up making JO’s -- a goal that seemed like a long shot. Barbara Ann was instrumental in helping him believe in himself. We can't thank her enough.” -Parent
“I know that to be a good (athlete) you have to not only be physically strong but also mentally strong. B.A. was able to get me to the next level, thanks to her great program." -Athlete
“Last night’s game could have gone either way. What was nice was to emerge victorious but only due to the fact we used and flexed our mental muscles.” -Coach
"I think the meetings are awesome.  I look forward to them all week.” -Athlete
“(My children) gained the sense that they could go for it…Knowing that an Olympic Gold Medalist believed in them was a powerful image.” -Parent
“(After meeting with Barbara Ann, our son) comes home recharged…with new insights about competition and clearly sees that success is possible for him.” “It is the first time in three attempts to have (our son) talk with someone that he is actually excited about his experience.” -Parent
“We WON last night and they probably played the best game they’ve ever played. People are really psyched up. It was just awesome. The affirmations were great. I think people really put to use what you had to say. Your time and effort definitely paid off for us.” -Coach
“I was hoping that you could help prevent me from getting to be a head case.  (Meeting with you) helped me to believe in myself and have more confidence.  I tried out everything you told me and it really worked because I won the first race!” -Athlete