Sports Success Coaching

Barbara Ann Cochran gets the aspiring athlete quick effective results, raising the level of performance beyond what was thought possible.  As a gold medalist in the 1972 Winter Olympics, Barbara Ann knows what it takes to become a champion.  She employs a series of techniques that will get any athlete past the barriers that are holding them back.  Often, these barriers are in the mind.  Through years of experience Barbara Ann has discovered “The Eight Factors of Success” that when recognized and implemented, immediately raise performance and results.  In fact, some of Barbara Ann’s clients have been able to achieve dramatic results with only one session.  Barbara Ann’s coaching is both spiritual and intuitive.  She gets the essence of the spirit of her clients—who they are; what they fear, love, doubt; what obstacles they face; what motivates them.  She communicates with the athlete at a very deep level and identifies their roadblocks to success.

With Barbara Ann’s coaching, you will:

  • Get better results quickly.
  • Identify what’s holding you back.
  • Develop a plan to overcome your roadblocks.
  • Gain mental toughness.
  • Be understood.
  • Discuss, learn, and chat with someone who was once the best in the world.


Barbara Ann Cochran shares a proud moment

Sports Consulting

Barbara Ann Cochran Coaching LLC.:
Improve Performance and Create Success

 “Barbara Ann Cochran Coaching LLC.” was created for all people interested in sports – from entry level competitors to elite athletes, parents, coaches, and teams.  It is based on eight factors of mental preparation and how each impacts performance and leads to success.   The program:

  • Teaches what it means to be mentally tough and helps an individual choose mental toughness.
  • Accelerates an individual’s success by destroying limits and expanding dreams through goal-setting.
  • Shows how to conquer emotions for the best performance.
  • Focuses an individual’s thoughts before, during, and after a competition.
  • Demonstrates how an individual’s attitude affects outcome—what works, what doesn’t.
  • Allows an individual to discover her own beliefs related to performance.
  • Enables an individual to change behaviors and beliefs and increase success by using affirmations.
  • Uses visualization to create an individual’s image of success. 


Barbara Ann Cochran on the ski sloaps during the winter

Barbara Ann’s Story

Growing up, we became a ski family somewhat by circumstance.  My Dad’s father died when Dad was only one, so my grandmother raised him as a single Mom until she remarried when my Dad was a young teenager.  To pass his time, he played sports – baseball, basketball, hockey, football, swimming, and at some point, skiing.

Mom grew up on various farms and was athletic herself.  They met in college when Mom asked Dad if she could get a ride to Stowe to go skiing.  After they both graduated from the University of Vermont, Dad became a teacher and a sport coach at Windsor High School where he coached baseball and skiing.  At that point, skiing became our family’s winter sport.  My siblings and I learned to ski at Mt. Ascutney and raced in the Lollipop Races held every Sunday.

From my earliest memories, I was fascinated with children – the younger, the better.  By the time I was an adolescent, I knew I wanted to work with kids.

In junior high, to support my efforts as a ski racer (before this country became health-conscious), I lifted weights, jogged, and stretched to develop strength and cardiovascular fitness; I ate balanced meals and began to study nutrition.  Skiing was my #1 sport.  By the time I was in high school, I, along with my siblings, made the U.S. Ski Team and competed throughout the world.

After I ended my ski racing career, I finished college.  I realized I wanted to be a teacher, but of what?  I became certified in Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences which incorporated my interests in sports and children.  Eventually I began teaching in the Vermont public school systems.

By my mid-thirties, I realized teaching school still left me feeling unfulfilled somehow.  I liked teaching, but what I loved more was sports and coaching.  I coached field hockey, skiing, and eventually one year of Little League baseball.  I also loved teaching people how to ski.

Over the years, as I was asked to speak to various teams and groups about what being a gold medalist was like and what it took to become one, I developed my ideas about “How to Gain the Competitive Edge”.  Athletes began working with me to improve their performance; I talked to teams about the mental preparation to win.

As my sport program evolved, I also taught coaches and parents of aspiring athletes how to understand and support their athletes.

This web-site is a culmination of all my interests in sports and children: as a mentor to athletes, coaches, and parents; as a member of the “Skiing Cochran’s”; as a ski instructor; as a teacher of parenting skills and childcare; and as a resident of Vermont.