As a Sports Consultant, Barbara Ann works with athletes, coaches, parents, business owners, and managers on performance improvement through simple techniques. This blog will give an overview of techniques to focus on to improve performance, while highlighting her experiences and fall-backs that drove her to the top at the 1972 winter Olympics. Throughout her many years of helping clients, Barbara Ann has worked with a range of athletes from world class athletes to high school students who are looking to improve their performance.


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    Thank you for completing a purchase of a session online. Barbara Ann will reach out via email or phone in the next few days to confirm your appointment, and go over any details. Thank you for your business! BA Cochran Coaching, Inc The post Thank You first appeared on B.A. Cochran Coaching.
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    Here at BA Cochran Coaching, Inc. we have flexible payment options. We can set up a payment plan, or subscription based payment plan through PayPal. We also have the ability to pay via credit card or ACH through PayPal, Venmo or via Invoice. Payments Via PayPal: Session Individual Consult $175.00 USD5 Individual Consultations $750.00 USD10 […]
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