For Groups


A presentation which provides coaches with techniques to help them help their athletes focus their energy and master the EMOTIONAL side of sport to attain peak performances.

Everyone knows that the job of a coach is to teach an athlete the skills she needs in order to perform, that is to instruct her in the technical side of sport.  An often misunderstood or overlooked aspect is teaching an athlete the emotional side of sport.  But for athletes to perform at their best, to create success, they must learn to focus their energy and perform at peak levels.  Often there is little difference between the skill level of competitors, so what determines the ending of their performance—ecstasy or agony—triumph or defeat?  The answer lies in the emotional side of sport—teaching athletes how to create success through positive mental preparation.

Barbara Ann uses her own experiences and successes, coupled with proven principles and exercises, in a curriculum that enables coaches to understand the emotional side of sport and help athletes achieve success through their best performance and mental ease.



For teams or a group of athletes, Barbara Ann introduces her program, THE COMPETITIVE EDGE with its Eight Factors of Success. The presentation is tailored to the group’s need.  She can address topics such as:

  • what is more important for the outcome, skill or mental preparation?
  • what does it mean to “get in the zone”?
  • what is the “ideal performance state”?
  • evaluating an athlete’s inner climate.                                                                 
  • changing the athlete’s thinking to create positive outcomes.
  • replacing pressure-producing thoughts with pressure-reducing thoughts.
  • building confidence and changing beliefs with affirmations.                                                                   
  • the different ways the conscious and sub-conscious minds work.
  • using visualization as a tool to create success.