Business Consulting

B.A. Cochran Coaching

Providing Executives Strategies

Barbara Ann Cochran is an Olympic gold medalist and motivational speaker who inspires audiences to achieve results they’ve only visualized. She can speak to large groups for businesses and improve employees' productivity by setting realistic goals, improving management efficiency by focusing on techniques to coach their employees better. And improving overall performance by providing executives strategies that help create a fun and energetic place to work.

Competed at Elite Level

Barbara Ann competed at an elite level of ski racing for many years, and she knows what it takes not only to work to get to the top but also to stay there. Too often, businesses that believe they are incredibly successful find they have a target on their back and struggle with the expectation to continue to stay on top. Or, the alternative, businesses are struggling to gain market share against competitors. Barbara Ann’s program focuses on how businesses and the management need to be thinking to continue to have a positive outlook on the future of the business while setting goals to further the success. Barbara Ann loves sharing her story as an Olympic Gold Medalist and inspires audiences to gain a competitive edge.

B.A. Cochran Coaching