Barbara Ann Cochran Coaching FAQ

1.  How can sports psychology consulting help me?

      Often an athlete has trouble competing as well as they can.  Sports psychology teaches you how to change the way you think, so you can easily execute the skills you already have.  Sports psychology can help you gain  confidence, develop a belief in your ability, and overcome obstacles that are holding you back.

2.  How many sessions are typical?

       Individuals vary.  Some athletes are able to make changes in two or three sessions, while others prefer to meet on a regular basis.  Sometimes an athlete will come for a check-in before a big competition or before the season starts.  It really is dependent on the individual.

3.  Does health insurance pay?

       No.  Barbara Ann Cochran Coaching is not a substitute for mental health care.

4.  How do I pay?

       You have the ability to pay by check made payable to “BA Cochran Coaching”. Also, after a session is complete, BA Cochran Coaching will send you an invoice via mail or email, that allows you to pay by ACH or Credit Card (processing fees apply).