Sports Consulting

Improve Performance and Create Success

Barbara Ann Cochran Coaching was created for all people interested in sports – from entry level competitors to elite athletes, parents, coaches, and teams.  It is based on eight factors of mental preparation and how each impacts performance and leads to success. The program:

  • Teaches what it means to be mentally tough and helps an individual choose mental toughness.
  • Accelerates an individual’s success by destroying limits and expanding dreams through goal-setting.
  • Shows how to conquer emotions for the best performance.
  • Focuses an individual’s thoughts before, during, and after a competition.
  • Demonstrates how an individual’s attitude affects outcome—what works, what doesn’t.
  • Allows an individual to discover her own beliefs related to performance.
  • Enables an individual to change behaviors and beliefs and increase success by using affirmations.
  • Uses visualization to create an individual’s image of success.