Pricing Outline

Updated 4/27/2020

B.A. Cochran Coaching prides ourselves on being transparent and fair. These are our published rates. Here at B.A. Cochran Coaching, we never want to turn people away due to fees, so please reach out and we can come to an agreement. We also have a number of programs that allow you to partake for a reduced cost. Check out the Contract Pricing outlined below.

Single Session Rates

Speaker Presentation Fee – $2,500

Group Consultation Fee – $950

Single Consultation Fee – $175

Contract Session Rates

Contract pricing allows for individuals or teams to participate in a reduced fee for sessions. Teams have the flexibility to contract for a lesser rate, while allowing for athletes to pay for individual sessions.

Group Consultations:

1 – 4 Sessions: $750 per 1.5 Hours

5 – 9 Sessions: $600 per 1.5 Hours

10 + Sessions: $500 per 1.5 Hours

Individual Consultations:

1 – 3 Sessions: $175 per 1 Hour

4 – 8 Sessions: $150 per 1 Hour

9+ Sessions: $125 per 1 Hour

Introductory rate – $165 for the 1st Hour